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Get your Yoga Chatbot for your Yoga Business


A messenger chatbot is an interactive way for you to automatically communicate with your prospects and customers inside Facebook Messenger, all on autopilot. Our Yoga chatbot can do a job of many. What would you want to communicate?

Collect Prospect Client Information

Your chatbot can qualify leads by asking questions, and then ask them to enter their email and phone number that gets sent to you right from Messenger

Showcase your Services

Let your visitors know about your yoga classes, programs, promotions, pricing, and more!

Automatize Customer Support

Save yourself countless hours by automating replies to your most common questions. Let the bot resolve your customers’ frequently asked queries and redirect them to your team for more complex questions.

Send Newsletters, Blog Posts and Videos

Send your weekly newsletter or a special video about your latest service to your community.

Ordering an Booking

Enable your customers to order services, book an appointment or make a reservation over chat.

Answer Questions

Save yourself countless hours by automating replies to your most common questions.


There are some many reasons of why your yoga studio should have a chatbot. Read below and also check our chatbot features.

Your message can be read more than an email

Your emails are probably getting 15-20% open rates. There is an open rate of 88% for messenger bot conversations and a click-through rate of 56%. What would that do to your bottom line?

Better User Experience

Messenger is constantly evolving and the user experience is much better than SMS. For example, Messenger has a number of pre-built UI elements like cards, carousels, quick response buttons, a persistent menu and even checkout cards. Consumers can buy items directly through messenger without being redirected somewhere else.

Messenger Is More Popular Than SMS

Messenger has over 1 Billion daily active users worldwide, making it one of most popular messaging apps. More importantly, Messenger is the most popular messaging service in Canada and the US. It surpasses SMS usage in both number of users and frequency of use. Overall preference depends on location. For example, France was the only country that prefered SMS while US Consumers favored Messenger.

It's on Facebook

Who is on Facebook? Everybody. What time do we use Facebook? Recent stats show us that a regular user opens Facebook at least 3 times a day. It’s easier to grow your yoga community with Facebook. By the way, here’s our fan page for you to read more about our services.



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